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COVID: An Opportunity for Personal Transformation

Lockdown has been a wake-up call for many to reconsider many facets of their personal life, modern lifestyle and the the world at large.

On a personal level, it's lead me to really question the notion of "progress" we operate from in our culture.

I've taken the opportunity of the lockdown to do a lot of reading, especially Philosophy. Delving into the world of ancient cultures, their thinking and the principles that governed their time - in the way of religion, spirituality, politics, and views on the meaning and purpose of life - one thing I’ll say is:

It feels to me like we are far from "superior" or "more evolved", in many ways, than numerous civilizations that came a long time before us. In fact, even than ones that exist now in parallel to us.

The course of history, the passing of time, without reflection, a good ethos, and a solid notion of progress - has no direct correlation with a default sense of "progress" or positive evolution…chew on that!

I think there is a great opportunity to improve on a personal and global level with how we move forward from here. For my part, I’m very optimistic that a lot of good can come from this moment in history.

It’s a classic situation on a global scale - it can take the personal experience of a life threatening situation to make a a major change in our lives.

I think that’s what we’re experiencing right now collectively, and the world has an opportunity to move forward with a new perspective, set of attitudes and idea of true progress.

We have leadership over our own lives.

As for the world, we must hope, ensure where we can, if not fight for, that the people who govern us will move forward with more kindness, grace, and true consideration for the well-being of humanity and our planet.

I would like to take a stance for taking more personal responsibility for our lives, slowing down the pace, creating more freedom, being conscious consumers, supporting a model of economy that's premised on sustainability, and a significant shift away from seeing all technology blindly as progress.

In my vision of a better world there is directing our attention to more focus on love, kindness, compassion, creativity, purposeful and principled innovation, community and human connection.

For me that prerequisites a small but conscious step away from materialistic and indiscriminate technology-centric notions of progress, and a significant step toward reclaiming our bodies, our sanity, our minds, our time, our environment, recognizing our common and collective humanity and nurturing community.

Put simply, a focus on the stuff that, looking at what's been recorded throughout the history of civilization, unanimously confirms and agrees, actually makes life worth living and meaningful! .

Coaching is a powerful and practical tool for creating change in your life. I’d love to explore your world with you and help you transform areas of your life you’d like to change or see improved.

Want to make a start with change right here, right now? Let's have a conversation.


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