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The Myth of the Perfect Life

Although we may be reluctant to admit it: life doesn't always live up to our expectations! As a result, we suffer from stress, disappointment, fear, anger, outrage, hurt, or any of a number of other unpleasant emotions. Cobbled together from childhood conditioning, media messages, and personal desires - so much of our suffering is because we compare our lives to some idealized image of how we wish or imagine life is supposed to be! Perhaps you've spent your life working toward a vision of success akin to the American dream - two kids, a house in the suburbs, a brilliant career. After all, that's what your parents had and you decided that you owed it to them and to yourself to succeed. Or maybe you believe that ultimate happiness would come your way if you could only achieve the perfect physique, or the perfect relationship... Perhaps you're even among the elite few who manage to get everything they want, only to find yourself becoming bored, always wanting more, or spending every spare moment anxious struggling to keep control of what you have for fear of losing it. Whatever your version of the perfect life, when life fails to live up to those expectations, as it inevitably does, we end up suffering and blaming ourselves. Keep reading to find out how meditation can support you through life's challenges...

The great meditative traditions have a more humane message to impart. They teach that the ideal earthly life is a myth. Because it runs counter to everything we're taught, we may have a difficult time accepting the basic spiritual truth that we only have limited control over the events in our lives. The fact is, life is a rich and perplexing interplay of light and dark, success and failure, youth and age, pleasure and and death. The key to your peace of mind lies not in our circumstances, but in how we respond to them. Meditation is a powerful resource to help us initially to cope, and eventually to overcome difficult circumstances and the tensions and emotions they evoke, by teaching us compassion, balance and equanimity. It doesn't mean that you must give up your values, dreams, and aspirations-only that you need to balance them with the ability to accept things as they are. Going out and following our dreams, and living our truth, remains a crucial part of the equation. Combining Existential and Mindfulness coaching can create a powerful shift for your outlook on life creating transformation on a deep level that will support you and help you develop the resilience and confidence you need to face and overcome any obstacles in your life, find meaning in your life and live with purpose. Are you ready to move forward with your life in an empowered way? Let's talk.


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