Coaching  You  To  Greatness

No doubt you’re here because you're searching for something more in life - more success, more purpose, more well-being, more happiness. You've heard about coaching, and you wonder what it has to offer.


Being an adventurous sort, I like to think of coaching as a climb up a mountain. Whatever your destination, there are different routes, but only one direction: up!


I work with clients  to help them reach the summit by creating change from the inside out, focusing on core inner work to create transformation and achieve peak performance, whether in their business or personal life.

What I specialise in

Personal Development

Spirituality & Mindfulness

Business & Entrepreneurship

Creativity & Innovation

Wellbeing & Lifestyle

 To move the world,

we must first

move ourselves.

- Socrates


Personal  Investment

Your First Session is Free

Why? Finding the right coach for you is essential to your success. This first session will allow us to discuss what you would like to get out of coaching, no strings attached.


Coaching Sessions & Packages

Session-by-session: £150 · $200  (1 hr) 

Coaching packages: from £1500 · $2000  (3 months)

The Deep Dive

For those who want the highest level of access. Please contact me to discuss your needs and I will tailor a coaching programme specifically for you or your company.

All sessions are held online or over the phone


“I came to Nicki to work on time management to increase the profitability of my business. Signing myself up to coaching made me set the time aside to focus and gain a better perspective on my business goals. I found the To Do list and goal settings techniques that I learnt from Nicki to be highly effective and implementable. I feel I have a much better understanding of how to approach the long list of competing To Do’s now and am looking forward seeing my business grow.

—  Johannesburg, South Africa