To move the world

we must first

move ourselves

- Socrates


Combining my interest in Personal Development, Philosophy and Mindfulness, I work with clients to help them develop greater self-awareness and  look at the world, their life and themselves in a radical new way.

Together we'll explore your thoughts and feelings through the coaching lens (and it's interdisciplinary framework, vocabulary and exercises) to offer you new perspectives and create a meaningful shift that will lead to lasting and heart-felt change in your life.


Whether we take a very direct or more explorative approach, the key focus of coaching is to help you create new possibilities and a clear path towards your goals. I will work with you to come up with a personal strategy and actionable plan, and keep you motivated so that you can move forward with clarity, confidence, direction and purpose.

I'm a trained Transformational & Existential Coach (Animas School of Coaching, London, UK). I also like to draw on other relevant frameworks where I think this might be helpful and encourage a creative, explorative and collaborative process.

I have lived and traveled all over the world and have a professional background of more than ten years working freelance in the creative industries. My personal passions include yoga, mindfulness, photography and surfing.

My wholehearted objective is to empower and motivate you to live a more happy, healthy, meaningful and fulfilling life.

"The secret of change is not to focus all of your energy on fighting the old, but on building the new."


Personal Development

Spirituality & Mindfulness

Health & Wellbeing




YOUR First Session

Why? Finding the right coach for you is essential to your success. This first session will allow us to discuss what you would like to get out of coaching and whether you would like to work together with me, no strings attached!



Coaching sessions are charged at £50 / $60 per hour and can be held via Skype / Zoom / Telephone / Face-To-Face (London)


For those who want dive deep or fast-track their progress. Please contact me to discuss your needs and I will tailor a coaching programme specifically to you.

Francesca, Journalist

Coaching with Nicki felt like the right thing to do, at the right time, for me. I was looking for answers on the many directions my life could have taken and she helped me wording my concerns and planning my moves towards the best journey. She was able to trigger the best version of myself.

London, United Kingdom

Hannah, Actress

The sessions with Nicki really helped me work through and understand what I wanted to aim for, to focus my ideas and realise the obstacles real and imagined. I gained a sense of optimism and a real tangible plan of action to move forward.
I came to Nicki wanting to make theatre collaboratively, with a fear and sense of wanting the impossible. I have since completed an MA in which I created, directed and performed in a collaborative theatre production. Result!

Glasgow, Scotland

Dave, Entrepreneur

I found the To Do list and goal settings techniques that I learnt from Nicki to be highly effective and implementable. The coaching sessions allowed me to step back and have a better perspective on my business goals.

Breezeblock, Johannesburg, South Africa