I’ve grown up, lived and traveled all over the world. Hands down, that is the biggest gift I could have ever wished for myself. That, and the fact that the childlike hunger to discover the world and explore the meaning of life, eyes and heart wide open, has never left me.

Born in Germany, I moved to Belgium when I was 5. Eventually we moved to France, where I finished school and then I moved the London for university. At university, that deep rooted sense of curiosity about the world and an inquiring mind lead me to study Philosophy. Which I followed up later on with studies in Sociology to broaden my understanding and application of theory by putting it into a real-world context.

A bunch of degrees in my pocket I started work at a marketing agency, where I soon discovered I had far too much energy to sit behind a desk and type away at a computer all day. At this point I'm 25. That fateful year, feeling that I was lacking excitement, I signed myself up to run a marathon, eventually progressing to a mountain marathon and then an ultra marathon, a.k.a. 3 marathons back-to-back! I'm happy to brag, I completed them all. And somewhere along that same year I also found myself in a meditation class entwined with real snakes as part of a special fear-shedding practice. Needles to say, I was invigorated by all this excitment, and I knew then I was committed to living a life of adventure and to carving out my path on my own terms to make this possible, whatever it takes.

So I left my work. I did a lot of reading and traveling for the next few months. Most notably a road trip through California, during which I read two books, The Power of Now and The Art of Non-Conformity, that exponentially accelerated my thinking about the meaning of life, and what I wanted to get out of mine. That and my deepening connection to my own spirituality through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. And so, with a totally new perspective on the meaning of life, I was ready to embark on a new kind of adventure, although one in which I was not quite sure yet how to integrate all my newly found aspirations with the reality that was waiting for me back at home in the big city.

I had come too far to embark on something that didn't feel like I was being true to myself by this point. As I looked back through my photos of my travels to reaffirm my commitment, I thought to myself 'these photos are actually pretty good!' I'd always had a creative vein, but hadn't really considered the life of an artist as an option available to me. With nothing to lose, I put together a website of my travel photos and sent it around to a long list of London photographers, quasi-begging them to let me come and work as an assistant. And, lucky for me, it worked!


The experience I have gained through working as a creative and a freelancer since has been, and continues to, pave the road for my own journey of personal development, with all the highs and lows in tow.


And this leads me to the present, and to coaching.


One morning - this was during the year I lived on a boat on the canal, which I considered a personal experiment in minimalism - when I reflected back on the choices I had made so far in life - needing to feel a little better about myself by pointing out, or at least trying to, some of my successes - it became obvious to me that I wasn't able to measure my successes against the conventional definitions and benchmarks I had grown up, or even worse for my soul, by comparing myself to others. As I pondered for a good long while, I discovered, finally, that to me, my biggest success to date has been remaining true to myself when I could have taken the straighforward path, and this was the result of my consistent stream of consciousness, persistent interrogation and ruthless evaluation of every action and decision in every phase of my life.


Having found my strength, and my personal definition and vision of success, I now wish to share it with those who think it can inspire them to live a full, wholehearted and adventurous life too! I invite you to join me.

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Transformative Coaching - The Path to Awareness

Taking its origin from Sport, the essence of coaching has always been unlocking the potential of people to maximize their performance. In the traditional sense, coaching is a goal-focused conversation-based approach to moving someone from where they are to where they want to be. The strategies employed in such 'performance' coaching have been employed over decades yielding great results and success in corporate and business environments, focused especially on team-building, business development and leadership.

Transformative coaching embraces the traditional model and positive focus of coaching and develops and expands its approach to accommodate an even broader spectrum of human experience. It now offers us a rich environment for clients to explore whatever is going on for them, whether that's around their work, relationships, personal life, or even their sense of meaning and purpose. Transformative coaching is a a personal development intervention: a process of personal introspection, to develop self-understanding and gain a sense of authentic self. In other words, it is a exploratory journey of discovery and self-awareness building, leading to self-initiated transformation.

​An Existential Approach - A Method for the Modern World

We live in a time of great choice and huge opportunity for many people. We probably have more options open to us as individuals than any previous generation. This provides both space for exploration and discovery, and space for confusion and uncertainty. The sheer volume of information we receive and the choices we have can bring with them a sense of confusion – of too much to do with too little time to do it, of disconnectedness from our core values.

Many people are beginning to take stock of their lives and ask themselves what they really want. It is probably for this reason that coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UK. As people try to get to grips with their lives in an increasingly complex, fast-paced and demanding social environment, so coaching offers an evermore valuable contribution to supporting people to build lives that make them happy, add to the world and generate stronger emotional resources.

Perhaps no other philosophy fits these times as well as the Existential one, then, as a theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.

It embraces the human condition as one inextricably linked with challenge, crisis, and tensions. With the core themes of: Freedom (vs Responsibility); Meaninglessness (the Absurdity); Death; and Isolation. It is a philosophy that is connected with normal, lived experience and fundamentally acknowledge and celebrates the complexity of human life!

Counter to what is often misinterpreted as a cynical way of thinking, I have chosen it for my approach as I find it liberating. In my opinion, it makes a compelling argument and lays down a foundation which allows for a huge amount of self-compassion, once we truly accept that life is naturally going to be tough! Thus, in my eyes, it can encourage a kinder, gentler way of being that does not shirk the challenges of life. With it's focus on subjectivity, it is an outlook that is non-prescriptive, and really embraces our uniqueness and individuality - on one condition - that of owning up to one’s responsibilities and choices. With its shift of focus from 'doing' to 'being', applying an existential approach to coaching aims especially to create lasting, heartfelt change, uncovering alternative ways of being and getting to know oneself, and enable you to become a philosopher in your own life.

My Philosophy

I am, at heart, a believer in people! In the great potential of all humans, both individually and as a collective. Like coaching, I share the core belief in the inner wisdom and potential that resides within each one of us and is waiting to be unlocked. Time, life experience, and circumstance bring us closer to self-actualization. Coaching provides an effective alternative, as a self-empowered method for deepening personal awareness and access to what lies within us deliberately and when it serves us.

As your coach I will join you in exploring and contribute the tools that will be most useful to you, whatever journey you may be on, or at whatever part of the journey you may be. Whether you already have a goal in mind, or whether establishing a goal is what you've come to coaching for. The only ingredient needed for success is your commitment. We will work together to develop and expand your awareness to awaken your self to your unique potential and inner wisdom.

My coaching style is neither airy-fairy or cracking the whip. My approach is conversational and laid back.

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you nicki.drab@gmail.com | +44 (0)7 840 344 322 or book in for an Intro To Coaching session and bring all your questions along!

  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Animas

  • Certificate in Existential Coaching, Animas

  • BA Philosophy, University College London

  • MSc Sociology, London School of Economics & Political Science

 My greatest passions in life are people and adventure - and by that token, adventurous people. Those who are willing to dare, to dig deep, the wild at heart.

My favourite thing about coaching is connecting with new people on a deep and meaningful level, exploring their unique life journey, and putting them on the path to personal greatness. My coaching style is explorative and fueled by curiosity.

I'm passionate about meditation, mindfulness and yoga - it's great for stretching the limbs! But much more it's my way of tuning in and bring it all back to what's real for me - a deep sense of marvel at the world, a commitment to growing the amount of love and happiness within it, and seeing the magic all around me wherever I am!


My mantra: Wake up. Kick ass. Be kind. Repeat.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.