Combining my interests in personal development, mindfulness and lifestyle design I work with clients to help them explore their sense of meaning and purpose, develop self-awareness, and empower them to succeed in creating lasting, heart-felt change in their lives.


Focusing on mindset, personal development and self-actualization, transformational coaching is a holistic and integrative approach that develops the performance element at the core of traditional coaching to coaching that offers space for change at various levels to accommodate the broad spectrum of human experience.

Embracing the human condition as one inextricably linked with challenge and tension, my coaching practice is grounded in an existential philosophical framework that acknowledges and celebrates the complexity of human life. Once we accept that life is naturally going to be challenging, we start from a point of self-compassion and can encourage a kinder, gentler way of being, whilst aiming to generate stronger emotional resources.


Combining personal enquiry with goal-setting, action and motivation to take you from where you currently are to where you want to be, coaching offers a rich environment for you to explore whatever is going on for you whether that's around work, relationships, personal life, or on a spiritual dimension of finding your sense of meaning and purpose in life.


The coaching principle of collaborative enquiry is at the heart of all this. As your coach I will join you in exploring and contribute the tools that will be most useful to you. The only ingredient needed for success is your commitment.

I hold a Diploma in Transformational Coaching (2018) & Certificate in Existential Coaching (2019)

  • Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Animas

  • Certificate in Mindfulness Coaching, Animas

  • BA Philosophy, University College London

  • MSc Sociology, London School of Economics & Political Science

  • Certificate in Existential Coaching, Animas

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Coaching is a journey of self-awareness combining exploration, reflection, motivation, goal-setting and action to help you realize your full potential and create the life you want.


Through deep listening, reflecting, challenging, and coaching exercises, we work together to facilitate the process of personal exploration, and generate new, profound self-understanding and a sense of deep personal agency and empowerment in your life.

You will gain deeper self-awareness, create clarity of purpose and direction, challenge your limiting beliefs, discover new opportunities, develop a plan and strengthen your resolve to take action and make the changes you want happen in your life.

I will be there beside you every step of the way to strategize with you, support you and motivate you.


Anyone who is ready for change.

Whether your goal is to train for a marathon, start a new venture, expand your existing business, change your career, plan a trip around the world, develop your leadership skills, or you're still searching for your purpose...

Coaching will empower you to create the mindset and belief in yourself needed for your success and for creating lasting, heart-felt change.